Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BAP 1004(Angel) MV Review

 How's the song? 

Something that I like about BAP is that every time they they come out with a new song it has a new sound, but it is still very much BAP. This is probably because Bang Yong Guk writes or contributes to most of their songs which gives it that cohesiveness.

Weirdly enough, the beginning of the song where Bang Yong Guk is running through the elephant graveyard reminded me of the beginning of a HIM song. That is totally where is stops though since BAP and HIM are on completely different sides of the musical spectrum.

Something that I wish would happen more often in BAP songs is Himchan singing. I think that his voice is lovely and I want to hear it more. Sure it isn't kill-me-now-with-your-beauty like Daehyun's voice, but I like the huskiness of it. More of that please.

Speaking of singing, was Leader Bang singing in this? I love it when the rappers get to sing in groups. It's like a special treat when they sing because it almost never happens but I have come to find that almost all rappers in K-pop groups can also sing. They have a different sound than the main vocals and it adds something special to the songs to hear their raw voices rather than the "perfect" voices of those that usually sing. Not that those voices aren't wonderful though.

 Edit: False. That was not Leader Bang, that was Himchan. It sounds awesome either way.

How's the video?

This video was rather symbolic and I am always down for some symbolism.

In the video there are the members of BAP and a girl, or the "angel". She seems to be watching Daehyun as he walks through a house. The house is also conveniently placed on the magical table of product placement. 

Daehyun walks through the house and sees an old movie projector and the scene then cuts to a time presumably before Daehyun got to the house and Himchan is there.

As Daehyun continues to explore the things in the house he finds a mirror (Youngjae), a camera (Jongup, but why?), and a carousel (Zelo).

The three boys try to find their angel, but she is always out of reach or her back is turned to them. This also gives us one of the coolest shots of the video.

Daehyun continues to explore the house and finds the Cathedral that Bang Yong Guk digs up in the elephant graveyard. I guess this is an allusion to the angel theme of the song.

It's at this point where everyone starts loosing their crap and begin destroying the objects that are denying them access to their angel. For Himchan, unfortunately, that object seems to be himself.

After watching the video I want to know what Daehyun's role was in all of this. He is finding all the objects that represent the different members of BAP but he is not a part of that. It's more like he is waiting for something since he has that hour glass.

Then there is Bang Yong Guk who is in a different state that Zelo, Youngjae, and Jongup, and Himchan is totally in a world of his own. Is it significant that he is in the house? And how does Daehyun get there after? Did he defeat his demons in the end? Was that girl really an angel or was she darker than that? I don't remember a video making me ask this many questions since VIXX's "Hyde".

How's the styling?

The winner for best outfit of the video definitely goes to Youngjae.

The purple shirt and skinny tie with that fantastic coat is a triple threat. Pile that on top of the fact that he's singing in his Justin Timberlake room and generally looking like a boss is just extra.

Something that I'm not so sure about is Bang Yong Guk's hair.

I'm not really digging the bowl look. I also realize that I might have made some sort of strange pun there since he is digging a hole through most of the video. I also don't really like that it is in his eyes. It's not a horrible style, but it's not his best either.

Was the dance super amazing? 

I mentioned this in BAP's video "Hurricane", but can we please take another moment to stare in awe at Jongup and Zelo? Those boys can DANCE. People who can dance are amazing to me because I can learn a basic choreography, but to just go bust a move? No, that's never going to happen.  

The other intense dancing moment happens at about the 2:45 mark. It totally caught me by surprise too and I may or may not have started laughing when it happened. It was just so sudden. There I was floating on the beautiful sound of Daehyun's voice and then, suddenly, Jongup.

Which member owned it? 

Well, I love me some Himchan and he was the main character of the video, so he was definitely the one that I was paying the most attention to. 

He's also adorable. Look at that face.

Did the English make you ears bleed?  

I always look forward to Bang Yong Guk's English because it is kind of hit and miss. Even when he does get his English correct, his words are always a little slurred but it works for some reason. It's probably because his voice is amazing.

For example: in this video he starts by saying "I neeju". Of course he is saying "I need you" but in my head I was thinking "I kneed you" like kneeing someone in the face or something. This is what my mind does. I make no apologies.

~ Alora

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