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U-KISS She's Mine

How's the song?

Well, this song doesn't waste any time in getting started. It's pretty different than what they usually put out too. U-KISS normally has a electric pop sound and this is totally a hip hop song and that's kind of cool. That's something that I really like about K-pop, these artists can have different sounds from one album to the next and everyone just accepts it. It's almost like K-pop is a bit of a paradox in that way. The musicians don't seem to have that much freedom with their mad schedules, but they have more musical freedom in what is expected from them by the public. Did that make sense?

I am also a fan when the rappers of a group that is not predominantly a rap group get to shine. Rap is normally saved for the break down or for the background track and while that gives a song a cool sound, rappers are normally put on the back burner.

As for the message of the song, I thought that it was cute after I saw the translation. It's basically about a guy protecting his girl from other guys because "she's mine". The lyrics didn't come off as possessive and gross either which is definitely not U-KISS's image, thank goodness.  

How's the video? 

I liked that this was a really clean looking video and because of that, there was a lot more emphasis placed on the song instead of the visuals.

This video does show us the darker side of an entire group crushing on the same girl though. All of U-KISS are in love with the same girl and they are all calling each other out saying that they are the only one that is in this girl's heart, except for AJ and Eli who seem to be working together. I guess if they win, they will have their own private rap battle to determine the ultimate winner.

The video starts with Eli and AJ at the car. I think it is actually Eli's car and AJ is just mooching off of him. All he has to his name is that French Bulldog statue.

Then Hoon comes in and he's like, "Hey, girl. You like French Bulldogs? I have, like, six of them and a gold lion head lamp. Ah yeah."

Kiseop, not having any statues because Hoon bought them all, panicked and all that he had to show the girl was a spot light. A girls got to do her make up I guess. Kiseop also was the lip rubbing king in this video and that isn't something that you can buy, you have to be born with that type of skill.

Then Soohyun came out and was like, "Hello underlings," as he flaunted his motorcycle. I guess this is the perk of being the leader. I also think that he was the winner of this testosterone battle.

And then there was poor Kevin who had to make a large plastic chair look as sexy as possible. It's okay Kevin that girl wasn't good enough for you anyways.

How's the styling?  

Am I the only one that thinks that Kiseop looks like No Min Woo with his hair styled like this?

I was also a little surprised at Kiseop's little peekaboo shirt because I couldn't remember a time when I had seen any skin from U-KISS. That's one thing that I like about them is that there isn't random skin being exposed everywhere. Not that there is anything wrong with people showing off a body that they have worked hard for, but it can get old. Since I couldn't remember when I had seen any exposure in a U-KISS video I went into creeper mode and watched some of their old music videos. Then I came upon "Shut Up" in all it's random shirtless and manbra-ed glory. Forgot about that one.

Stomach flashing aside, this whole video was in black and white so U-KISS was looking smooth in their black and white suits. My favorite part of the outfit though were those neon shoes. It was a fun pop of color in an otherwise very monochromatic video.

On the topic of shoes, why don't Asian people wear socks, more specifically the men? It something that I have noticed mostly in dramas but it does show up in music videos too. Doesn't that make your feet stink? Wouldn't is also end with your feet getting chewed up by your shoes from all the dancing? Maybe they wear those little lady socks that can be worn with flats.

The one thing that I am going to pick at is the girl in the video and her lipstick.

The whole video is in black and white and everyone gets one color pop. U-KISS has their shoes and the girl has her red lips. I think that it is a nice shade of red, but it looks messy. The point of red lipstick is that it should look clean and hers looked like it was bleeding. It also bothered me that she didn't have a cupids bow. There were just two smudgy red lines on her face.

Is the dance super amazing? 

I really enjoyed this dance and I hope that a dance video of some sort gets put up in the future. The only thing that I wonder about is that since this is a rap heavy song there isn't always a melody to follow so is there also a lot of standing in the dance as well? Eli and AJ go and do their thing and then everyone else awkwardly stands in the back a la Block B?

Which member owned it? 

Well, obviously, it was Kiseop's stomach. It demanded its freedom from its usual textiled prison and it stole the show.  

Okay, maybe not. This was definitely Eli and AJ's video you can see that they were enjoying themselves too. I decided to put up two pictures of these guys because there was a picture of them being cool, but there was also a picture of AJ making a pretty good troll face and Eli looks a little effeminate and something like that can't be hidden, so they both get put up.

Did the English make you ears bleed? 

The English is pretty solid in this song and if it were otherwise then I guess that we would all know that Eli, AJ, and Kevin and totally forgotten their English. That would be a real problem for AJ especially since he's going back to school in January.

When I listen to K-pop songs and hear a name of someone famous that always brings me up short because I wonder why the heck are these people saying about this person. In this song Eli mentions David Beckham and that is not a name that I expected to hear in a song really ever. Now that I know what they are saying though it makes total sense. They are saying that they are the goal keeper of their girl's heart and not even David Beckham will get passed them. Cute? Yes. A tad corny? Also yes, but that's okay because it's cute.

What else is happening?  

Shin Jae "I Hope You Come Back When You Hear This Song" - And winner for longest title goes to.......

Lim Chang Jung "Open the Door" - If you haven't already watched this video, you should because it will make your life better.

Han So Hyun "Sorry" - This song is a ballad, but this woman's voice is amazing and Lee Min Ki stars in the video and I kind of love him.

Kim Jo Han "The Stars, The Moon, All for U"

FIESTAR "I Don't Know" - I actually really like this song. I think what they are singing about makes it even funnier because they are using the tune of a children's song to sing the part of the chorus.

ZE:A "Step by Step" - This song was cute but I think that if an entire group of boys put together an "I Love You" party and I was the only girl there, I would be a little (a lot) uncomfortable. Run, girl, run!

SHU-I "So in LUV" - I liked this song, but what was with all of those totally unnecessary camera flares?

LEDApple "With the Wind" - Not that Hanbyul isn't super cool or anything, but LEDApple is starting to turn into Hanbyul and the Boys.

miss A "Hush" - This is quite different that what they normally do, but I guess that would be obvious since JYP didn't write this song. I really liked it though and I wish it had been a little longer. 

~ Alora

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