Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Kpop Halloween!

Break out the costumes and candy because today is Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, not to be scared, because I hate that, but for the costume element of it. I think that dressing up is so fun, but it isn't something that you can do on a regular basis without getting a few weird looks. I sometimes say that if I had enough pencil skirts that I could rule the world and I would wear them all the time if it weren't so impractical. Granted, that is different than full blow costumes, but I would also rock a bustle if they were readily available, so there you go.

In K-pop there is a lot of dressing up whether it be for music videos or public appearances, but it always fun to see how far these people can push that envelop. Sometimes it can be pushed a little too far, but that is what fans love, seeing their idols dressed in ridiculous clothing or having crazy concepts.

I often wonder what these groups (mostly boys) think when they are told about the newest concept for their group, whether it be for an actual album or just for a side project, because side projects can result in dressing like girls or vegetables.

So in honor of Halloween, I give you some of the best costumes that I could think of. I probably am missing some because there are so many groups out there, but these are the ones that I liked.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Heechul, Shindong, and Leeteuk

Lady Hee Hee and the Single Ladies

Super Junior

First row: Huo Yuanjia, Loki, Iron Man, Capt. America, Hulk Thor, Goku Second row: Spiderman Wolverine

And Yesung

Nick Fury


SHINee (minus Minho)

Freddy, Dracula, Piccolo, Naruto

BTOB's Peniel, Sungjae, and Ilhoon. Hyunsik's in there too, but he's not important right now. 

Penelope, Sungsook, Ilsoon
BTS's Rap Monster, Suga, V, Jin, and Jung Gook

Sailor Moon, Maid, Ladybug, Japanese(?) woman, and traditional Korean woman

VIXX (minus Leo) as the Wonder Girls 

Block B 

Block B's Jaehyo

Yes, he's hanging from the ceiling, just go with it

Epik High

Joker, Two-Face, Bane
For more Halloween fun, go watch Epik High's song "Don't Hate Me".


Instead of finding a picture of BIGBANG, and there are plenty, I'm just going to make a couple links to their drama parody videos because if you haven't seen them, you should, and if you already have, you should watch them again.

Coffee Prince    Boys Over Flowers    Secret Garden    Beethoven Virus


School girl, nurse, Snow While, Alice
~ Alora

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