Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trouble Maker Now

How's the song? 

Trouble Maker is back and may I say that I like this song a little more that I liked their debut song "Trouble Maker". I think that this song is more fun and the video and the dancing were far superior in many many ways, but we'll get to that in a moment. 

I know that Hyuna is a rapper and that Hyunseung is a singer, but when Hyunseung started to sing his part in the beginning my initial thoughts were, wow he's a better singer than her. Not that Hyuna is a bad singer, but that is not the main part that she plays in either Trouble Maker or 4Minute. I do like their voices together though. They compliment each other since Hyunseung has a higher slightly nasal voice and Hyuna has a lower rougher tone.

I'm having trouble trying to describe the sound of the song. I like the whiny guitar and the heavy drum sound and the chorus is awesome. It's not a totally jazzy sound but is has that sexy smoothness in the song. The only thing that I can think of is maybe background music for an action movie. I don't know! I just can't put to words what I'm feeling and it is making me mad!

How's the video? 

I was a little nervous about the the video because of their previous one and how it was being said that this one was going to be this super sexy 19+ video. After watching it though, I didn't feel as though I had seen something that burned my corneas and left me feeling like I needed a shower. Success!

I do wonder what these two think with all the sexy time moments that they had. They are obviously comfortable with each other, but it seems like it could be a little weird at the same time. A lot of comments about Trouble Maker are about how this subunit is actually just a front because these two are dating and this is the only time they can be close in public because it's just their "concept". I almost wouldn't be surprised if this ended up being true.

All that being said, holy real kisses Batman!

Sexy time aside, there are some pretty cool moments in this video. Obviously, the best part is when Hyunseung is having a schizo moment and turns into the Joker. The usage of the mirror was a smart idea because we are seeing everything from his eyes and he sees himself, but it is when he looks away that he changes. The hand swipe is the coolest part thought. It's just super creepy and awesome, what more could you want? Happy almost Halloween!

I also like the scenes when they are outside the car. The outside part, mind you. It was so romantic looking with the two of them sitting on the car wrapped in that blanket against the blue sky. It was such an intimate moment between the two of them and I especially liked when Hyunseung snuggles himself into her neck. I will deny this, even after writing it - I'll just say someone took over my computer - but I kind of like stupid, romantic, gooey stuff like that. 

The part of the video that I wasn't so sure about was that random scene with the two cars drifting around Hyuna and Hyunseung. What was the purpose of that scene? I guess it was cool, but why?

Overall, I really liked the video and the realness and grittiness it shows. The two of them are drinking and smoking and physically hitting each other. Even though there are not things that I take part in, I like that Cube is pushing the limits in their videos and are letting this duo interact in ways that are not usually shown in K-pop videos.

With this more mature concept though comes accusations of plagiarism because people are annoying. It is being said that this concept is being taken from Rhianna's "We Found Love". I can see the similarities, yes, they are there, (especially that unnecessary car scene) but I think that the most important part of a song and video is the song. The song is original and the video is telling the story of the song which is of a couple that have a bad relationship but they can't leave each other. Rhianna didn't create this idea so people just need to calm down.

I think I just hopped up on my soap box without realizing again. I hate it when that happens.

 How's the styling? 

Hyuna looked freaking fabulous in this video. My favorite shot of her is when she is wearing the blue wig toward the end. She looks like a character from an anime and I absolutely love it.

She also looked rather fantastic during the random car scene. I thought that the bra (I guess that's what it is) was really cool looking.

The best part about her clothes though is that she looks sexy, but I don't feel like she is there to be made into an item like in "Trouble Maker." She looks good and she is also allowed to look powerful.

I don't have a lot to say about Hyunseung but I think that we should take a moment to look at this lovely shot of him. It's like he's staring into your soul.  

Is the dance super amazing? 

Wow is this dance better than the "Trouble Maker" dance. The TB dance mostly consisted of Hyunseung being classy and very suave looking and then Hyuna sticking her but at the camera and crawling around. Then, when they were together, it looked like Hyuna was using Hyunseung as a human stripper pole and the camera was angled so that you could totally see up her skirt. Yeah........

In this dance they had more of a feel of being equals. I also liked that there weren't any back up dancers and it was just them interacting with each other.

Which members owned it?  

They equally rocked this video which is good since there are only the two of them. 

Did the English make you ears bleed?  

There is not a lot of English in the song, but what there is, is done very well. I can tell that they are speaking English and I understand what is being said. 

What else is happening?  


Teen Top "Love Fool" - This video is literally filled with puppies and happiness. The whole video is just shot on a hand cam and it's wonderful. 

N-SONIC "Run & Run" - So I think that I read that this group is mostly active in Japan? I hope I didn't make that up. I really like this song though. It makes me think of "Don't Don" a little and I really like that type of sound.

Delight "School Bell" - This song is okay, but this group has yet to strike my fancy. I do like that they are a powerful girl group and they look like they would kill you before they would do aegyo. More of this please.  

A-JAX "Snake" - This video makes me think of T-ARA's "Ya-Ya-Ya". The video is certainly nowhere near as acid filled as T-ARA's, but it is weird in it's own right.

JaeJoong "Just Another Girl" - I like that JaeJoong's solo work is so different that the things that he does with JYJ and that could definitely be said for Junsu as well. I still like "Mine" better, but this is also really good.

Baek Seung Heon "Wait a Minute"


Topp Dogg "Say It" - I'm feeling conflicted about this group. They come from the same company that Block B debuted with, and if Stardom can't take care of a seven member group how are they going to take care of thirteen members? All that aside, the song is pretty high energy, but not stellar, this group does have some awesome rappers though, so that is something that Stardom is competent at.

T.A.P. "Oh! Boy" - There is so much happening in this video it is almost hard to tell which three girls are actually part of this group. The song is also really big sounding and I wish there was more emphasis on their vocals, which sound amazing.  

GREY "Dangerous" - Jay Park has done well for his first artist. The girl in the video seemed more awkward than sexy, but the song was good and GREY seems like a really talented rapper. Also, Jay Park, the nose ring, not cute. 

Kanto "What You Want" - Another talented rapper debut. This song was this rap/jazz/electric sounding fusion and it was kind of awesome.

TINT "Love at First Sight" - This song is actually okay and I liked the J-pop feel of the video. I might actually listen to it again. *GASP*

~ Alora

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