Friday, October 11, 2013

Heirs - First Impressions

Well you guys, it has finally begun; and when I say finally, I mean FINALLY because holy crap we have been hearing about this drama since freaking March. MARCH! But now we have the question, will all the hype that we have been getting match up to what the drama will give us in the end? We'll see.

After watching the first two episodes, I think that I can say that I am optimistic about this drama. Aside from the fact that there are painful English stereotypes and actors galore, I have liked it. I'm sure that Asian people think the same thing about Asian actors in American movies though. There are really only three main parts to fill: the beautiful male martial artist, the beautiful female martial artist, (these parts can be either good or evil) or the dorky male friend.

This particular white guy has really struck a chord with me though and I am a little sad that he is probably gone forever. Even though he was a little painful to watch, he was probably one of the best English speaking actors that I have ever seen in a K-drama. I'll miss you surfer bro. We also have almost matching hairstyles which is both funny and a little weird.

One thing that I really like from this drama is that even though it is a modern drama, there are definite sageuk chords that are being played. All of these young adults, or heirs, are working to take their parents place as head of the family business when they come of age. This also ties into one of main issues with Min Ho's older half brother chasing him out of the house so there would be no competition for his succession to the "throne", or dad's business. There are also business merger marriages, both old and young, and there is a live in mistress in Tan's (Lee Min Ho's) household. She is really only there so that the real wife can keep an eye on here, but mistress she was none the less.

I am also liking all the characters that we have been introduced to and let me tell you, there are a lot. I guess that also adds to the feel that this is a little sageuk-y.

Thus far, I really like Lee Min Ho's character. He is not your usual male lead in the sense that he is a jerk that you would like to Falcon Punch in the face. He puts up a front of nonchalance and a play/party boy attitude, but in reality he is really just kind of sad and lonely.

Then we have Park Shin Hye's character who sadly is jut your average, poor, female lead. I do like that she is spunky and that she initiated the female wrist grab (something not often seen in a Kdrama), but there doesn't seen to be anything deeper to her character.

Then, of course, you have the crap ton of other character that this drama gives you and here are some of the main young actors with a two word description of how I feel about them.

Choi Jin Hyuk - Jerk half-brother (to Min Ho)

 Kim Woo Bin - Terrible person

Kim Ji Won - Terrible Person (fiancee to Min Ho)

Kang Min Hyuk - Best friend(?) (to Park Shin Hye) Krystal - Needy Girlfriend (to Min Hyuk)

There are a few other characters as well, but I haven't been given enough information about them to sum them up in two words yet. If it continues is the way you see above though, they will probably all be jerks as well.

So, yeah, that's the first two episodes of Heirs severely boiled down into a few paragraphs. I am excited to keep watching and hopefully it just gets better from here. 

~ Alora

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