Wednesday, October 16, 2013

VIXX with OKDAL Girls, Why?

How's the song? 

I basically love this song with all of my being. It is just so catchy and sweet sounding there is no way that anyone should be able to hate it, I also think that I am going to have the chorus stuck in my head for the rest of my life. This is also a good season transition song because it does have that fun catchy sound, but it is more mellow than the craziness that can come with the summer season. Beautiful things happen when pop and indie come together well and this is a great example of it.

Listening to some of OKDAL's songs and having already been a fan of VIXX, this song does an excellent job of merging these two groups very different sounds into this collaboration. I also really like it when boys and girls come together to sing because it seems there is such a hard line dividing make and female singers and that is bridge that is rarely crossed.

I do wish that OKDAL did more singing though because the video was a little dominated by VIXX. I guess that would make sense since VIXX has six members where OKDAL is a duo, but I was really looking forward to some pretty harmonies and not so much individual singing. While we're on the topic of parts, did Hyuk have any parts at all? He sang the chorus with everybody, but I don't think that he was given any individual parts. Poor little maknae.

How's the video? 

Like the song, this video does a good job in merging the two video styles into one colorful explosion of fun. It's also super freaking adorable and a little quirky and all of these things are okay in my book.

The story of the song and video is about a boy and girl who are in love, but the boy isn't saying at much as the girl would like. The boy is confused about this (because he is a boy) but he eventually comes to the realization that just because he knows that he loves her, doesn't mean that he shouldn't say it to her because it is nice to hear.

In the beginning the groups are in two different rooms showing the two sides of the issue that is being brought forth.

Once VIXX realizes what they are doing wrong though, they are able to break through the wall and they all come together.

That is really the whole story, but there were a lot of cute moments throughout the whole video, such as:

Hyuk and his adorable face.

Seeing the different between the two main vocals as they interact with the shadow hands. Leo is having none of it and Ken is pretending to be tickled.

I also totally loved the scenes with the morph men, probably because it reminded me of the Muppets and I love the Muppets.

My favorite part though is the look of triumph on Hyuk's face as he successfully gets Leo to make half a heart AND smile at the camera. Of course Leo probably smacked him afterwards for making him do it, but let's not think about that.

How's the styling?

That is a good looking group of people.

The clothes were all nice but relaxed looking, much like the video. I did think that it was funny that the boys were dressed better than the girls though. Not that the girls looked bad or anything, but they were a lot more relaxed looking. I mean, come one, one of the girls was wearing overalls. Just another reason that indie girls are awesome, it is about the music, not how much skin they can show without getting banned for practically being naked.

Is the dance super amazing? 

No dance, nothing to see here, move along. 

Which member owned it? 

Seriously, Hongbin, I can't even deal with you! You can't flash the dimple and wink at the same time, do you realize the power that is behind what you did?

Besides Hongbin being way too cute all over the place, Ken had the most singing parts in thse song and he totally killed it! He has improved so much since they debuted and I feel like Leo's spot as top singer is being threatened. Leo and Ken do have very different vocal sounds, but Ken has been getting more singing time since Leo's injury and he is doing very well.

Since I am gushing about Ken, I'm going to go on for a little wile longer. VIXX was recently on Immortal Song 2 where they covered a song by a deceased singer named Kim Sung Jae and Ken's opening totally gave me goosebumps it was so good. Seriously, go watch it.
Did the English make you ears bleed? 

Ravi was the only one who had any English lines in the song and even though he doesn't speak English, his pronunciation is very good. 

What else is happening?  

AOA "Confused" - I'm feeling indifferent about this song and I don't know why. Maybe it's because it is a good song, but I just don't really care about AOA and I am a little against girl groups. Does that make me a terrible person?

T-AARA "Number Nine" - I liked this song a little more that AOA's but I feel like they stole sets from a bunch of older music videos to make theirs. K-pop needs to step out of the box set more often.

Kim Jin Pyo "Zombie" - Why are you reading this when you should be off watching this video? Go! Go! Go!

Kahi "It's Me"

PURE "Wedding Day" - So, these boys are really confused because they debuted with a very mature sound and while it was a little generic sounding, I enjoyed it. Now in their first comeback they are going for a cutey boy image. I don't know what I am suppose to be feeling about them.

Jung Joon Young "The Sense of an Ending" - I feel like I should like him so much more than I do, because he is an amazing singer and he plays the guitar, but I think that it is the rock ballad thing that he keeps doing that throws me.

SHINee "Everybody" - This song has grown on me because I didn't like it right away. This is definitely a song that showcases SHINee dancing skills more than vocal skills, but it is also cool that Minho gets to sing, so there is that. 

MYNAME "Day by Day" - This song was really good and the video was also fun to watch. More importantly, I'm just glad all the members were getting beat up and murdered like in their last video.

9Muses "Gun" - I really liked this song and the retro feel that it brought forward.

Shin Ji Hoon "Right There" - debut song - It's pretty, but it makes me sad because it is truly a fall/winter song and I am not ready for things like this.  

Heo Young Saeng "Weak Child" - That was really pretty and I'm feeling a lot of things right now. It's going to be sad to not hear any music from him for two years.

~ Alora 

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