Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Block B Very Good

How's the song? 

Last time when I wrote about Block B, I used a picture of U-kwon to express my happiness, but this time, my happiness cannot be captured in a picture, only in sounds. I'm seriously so happy about this.

Of course with the release of this song, people are comparing it to BIGBANG and GD, because YG rules the universe and everything belongs to them. It is up for debate whether or not this is an actual parody video of BIGBANG or not, but instead of talking about stupid things that may or may not be true, why aren't people talking about the fact that Zico is groping Taeil there at the end. Set your priorities people, come one.

I was actually a little surprised when I heard this song because it is not what I expected. I knew that it was going to be big and bombastic because that's what Block B does, but this song has a very different sound from "Nalina" and "Nallili Mambo". Those two songs were a lot more gritty sounding while this one is more electric sounding and also has a little bit of rock and roll to it.

I think this just shows that Zico is moving forward as a musician because he is branching out into different sounds and he is also dividing parts more evenly than in previous songs. Sometimes listening to Block B songs and watching videos is like watching Zico and the Boys featuring Kyung and PO but I didn't feel that in this video. I did think that it was weird that B-Bomb got his part int he beginning and then we never really saw him again, but that is really my only complaint about the song.

One more thing, are there any Bana's who can back me up on this? I think that Zico kind of sounds like Baro when he says "What can I do for you?". Anyone? Anyone? 

How's the video? 

I was watching one of my favorite K-pop reactors react to this video and when it was done he said, "I don't know what the F just happened, but it felt right" and that is exactly how I feel as well. This video was just so completely mad and it looked like Block B was having so much fun making it and that's what all the BBCs wanted to see, Block B back in action being their crazy selves. So, instead of relaying what happened in the video, I'm just going to talk about my favorite parts and weird things that I noticed starting from the beginning and work my way to the end, let's go.

I think that it is pretty safe to say that Block B are the worst thieves in the history of thievery. This is like a continuation of "Nillili Mambo". In that video they lost the diamonds and in this one, as soon as they get into the bank, they take their masks off. Come on guys, step it up.  

As I said before, the car that Block B is driving had a German plate, but the wallet that fell out of the purse PO flipped over had what looks like American bills, and they were also throwing what looked like American money, and everyone in the bank is Korean, I think and all the writing in the bank is in English. Where the heck is this video taking place?

There isn't really anything interesting about this shot other than Jaehyo looks wonderful and he's my favorite member.

Who gave Taeil dynamite? He looks way too happy about this.

Jaehyo tries to be smooth and ends up getting beat up. Just the usual then?

Even though he's scared for his life, he's still adorable.

Kyung just realized he's wearing lipstick and that he's the appetizer.

Oh, hey, look! It's a camera!

I came in like a wreeeeeeeeeeeecking baaaaaaaaaaaaaall!

U-kwon's just over there making a transaction like nothing is happening while Zico, Kyung, and PO juggle a bomb. No big. 

For the uber hipsters, payphone shaped cell phones. 

Again, way too happy about blowing stuff up. But with that face, how can you say no?

And then, as a parting gift, U-kwon picks his clown nose and flicks it at us. Geez, thanks. 

This video was just so fun and I could probably go on forever, but I think that I already have. I just loved how happy they looked throughout the entire video. You can tell that they enjoyed filming this and that they are happy to be back doing what they love. 

WOW! So there has been another version of this video put out called the Maximum Close Up Version and this is Zico's video. His face was all over it. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. This video did show all the other members too and it is good to see them (them being mostly Taeil) being more confident in front of the camera.   

How's the styling? 

I'm not sure why, but Block B seems to be wearing a lot of skirts since their comeback.

Kyung and U-kwon worse skirts to the showcase

U-Kwon in another skirt, and I seriously thought that Jaehyo was just another female model in this picture

In the same photo spread B-Bomb is also wearing what looks like a skirt.

Then, for the last installment of "Why is Block B wearing skirts?", in their new video, Jaehyo, Kyung, Taeil, and B-Bomb are wearing skirts. Why?

One more questionable fashion choice made by B-Bomb,

This looks like an outfit that SM would put Taemin in; what's with that bib necklace and the corset/back brace thing?

A trend that I don't hate that Block B and other idols are doing are these really cool large stacking rings.

I have so many rings of all shapes and sizes, as my friends can attest, and I am always on the lookout for more, even thought I don't need more, but I totally do. Gong Hyo Jin also wore these type of rings in The Master's Sun and I really want them! Who knows where I can buy some?!

Is the dance super amazing? 

The dance is pretty simple in this video since Block B doesn't (read that as can't) dance. They did some jumping and a little shimmying (I really liked the shimmy) and that was enough. All the real dancing happened at the end though, and I'm not talking about the choreographed dancing. Oh, no, I'm talking about all the random dancing that happened like the popping that was being done by the security guards and the fact that Kyung went all "Mental Breaker" on us. All it was missing was Zico's butt dance and it would have been perfect!  

Which member owned it? 

Like I said, the first video was pretty even, but the second video was largely Zico, but I am going to ignore Zico and instead put up a picture of U-Kwon because that boy is adorable. I want his rings too.

Did the English make your ears bleed? 

The English in this song was actually pretty good. Zico has good pronunciation and Kyung speaks fluent English so they have that going for them. The one thing, or person, that I will pick on is Taeil. I think that he has the worst pronunciation of the group and you can really hear that when he says "very, very good" at the end. Keep practicing Taeil. 

What else is happening?  

TREN-D "Candy Boy" - debut song - This song is catchy, but it is nothing really special. Entertainment companies just need to calm the balls down about debuting new groups if they want them to get big and noticed.

GI "Gi-Yeuk" - I like this song a lot more than I like "Don't Lie". This is a lot more fun and I really like the Bollywood sound that the song has. I just wish that SimTong would spend a little more money on these girls. I don't really mind the plain video, but come on, show them a little more love.

IU "The Red Shoes" - I'm probably going to be struck down for saying this, but I don't really like IU. She's a great signer and she's cute, but her musical style just doesn't really do it for me. I do like the jazzy feel of this song though so it gets points for that.  

Jay Park "Trill" - I am more of a K-pop Jay Park fan than a true hip hop/rap Jay Park fan because the later always is a little profane, so yeah, there you go. 

Jaurim "Icarus" - So this video would have probably made more sense if I knew what they were saying because that was a little weird. I liked the song though and this group reminded me a little of the Cranberries and I love me some Cranberries.

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