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How's the song

So, out of the four videos that VIXX has put out this year, I have talked about three of them but I haven't made a conscious decision to do so. VIXX was hardly a blip on my radar when "Hyde" came out; I knew they were releasing "Why, Girls?" but I didn't know when; and then this song was just a lovely surprise. I was totally ready to talk about miss A this week too. They finally come out with a new song and I loved the sound of it and the video was good too, plus I would get to talk about the jji jji party that Min was hosting there at the beginning (bonus points to whoever gets that reference). But then VIXX comes out with this song and freaking Spartan kicks miss A into oblivion, sorry miss A, I really do like your song, keep up the good work.

When I first started watching this video I immediately thought of BAPs video "Coffee Shop". The songs are very different from each other, but the videos have a similar feel. It's like VIXX saw "Coffee Shop" and said: we're going to a foreign country, and we, like BAP, never take any breaks. Let's male out own artsy fartsy video!

This song was very different from everything that they have done in the past and they rocked it. This was so R&B and it was just beautiful and it is nice to see VIXX branching out to different genres. This also gave them more of a chance to showcase their vocal skills because they have some great singers in their group. You go VIXX.

I was really surprised to see Hongbin starting the video because normally Ravi comes out and says random things to start songs, but this song is not a normal song is it? I liked that Hongbin was the opener because he seems like a really cool person, but it is also easy for him to slip into the background. In all the things that I have watched with VIXX, he normally sits and laughs at people rather than actually doing things. I'm glad to see that he is getting a moment to shine.

My favorite part of the song was from 1:35-1:55 when Hongbin and Leo are singing their parts. I liked Hongbin's attitude when he was singing and I also liked that Leo wasn't doing his normal thing either. He wasn't really doing his normal powerful singing, it was a lower jazzier sound.

How's the video? 

Even though it must be absolutely exhausting to have a concert and then turn around and film a music video, I like that these companies are filming videos in places other than Korea or in boxes. K-pop is becoming more globalized and by filming these videos in other countries, it is acknowledging these other people. Plus, we get to see all the beautiful scenery in these places. Seriously, how amazing were all of the long shots in the videos?

All the alleyways that the boys were walking down were beautiful too. There was just so much cobblestone everywhere and that was one of my favorite things about the trip to France I took in 2006. I am just generally jealous of Europe and all their cool buildings and old cities because we don't really have things that in the U.S.

With those alleyways comes graffiti though and N walked by a pretty good one.

I want to know the story behind this alleyway because I bet that the production crew were probably out about looking for areas to film in. Did they come upon this alley and see the graffiti and know what it said, or did they decide that the writing just added atmosphere but didn't know what it said? I want to know! It also seems like it would be a little insensitive with the whole issues surrounding Daniel of DMTN, but that's just me.

Before we got all of the alley shots, I really liked the game of tag that VIXX was playing at the beginning. Hongbin sang, then tagged Hyuk and then we go to N who tags Ken. I have always liked music videos where instead of switching frames when a different person begins to sing they just have the new person walk into another's frame and take over.

How's the styling? 

If a person was to  learn anything about me from reading my ramblings, it's that I love a good sweater. That is one of the good things about this time of year is that there are more sweaters for me to look at in videos. It also makes me sad though because I will never own the beautiful sweaters that are worn by the idols. *sob* So how could I not love everything about the outfits in this video? It was like a grandpa sweater paradise! So many sweaters!

I totally loved all the dark hair too. Has VIXX ever all had dark hair? In "On and On" there a rainbow of hair colors and then N has had that mad red hair for a while. Ken normally has lighter hair and Ravi is all over the place. I have liked Hyuk's blonde hair too, he is one of the select few who has been given a blonde that doesn't make him look sick. I would also think that it is a relief to have dark hair because it is closer to their natural color, if not their real color, so they don't have to bleach anymore. Sometimes I'm surprised that idols have hair at all with all the stuff that gets put in their hair.  

I love N's suit so much. I didn't really notice it until my second watch of the video though because I was looking at all the buildings around him. Is it weird that I was looking at the background and not at him? Back to the suit though. The use of two different fabrics for the opposite halves of the clothes is so cool looking, plus the polka dot tie was a nice touch. I am also in love with the argyle sweater he is rocking in the other picture.

Grandpa sweater number one! Yay! And he also has a super amazing scarf, could this get any better? Leo is also my favorite member so this is all just extra wonderful. I also like that he is not completely put together in the second picture, he looks nice but with a casual air since he messed up his tie at the beginning of the video. 

Ken looks like a college professor with his sweater vest and bow tie. Bow ties are cool. I also really like the quilted jacket that he is wearing. I would go to whatever class he taught, except things that involve math. Even having Ken as a teacher couldn't make me enjoy a math class. He looks more like an English professor anyways. What I am not okay with is that hat he is wearing in the other picture. What is the fascination with these felt hats in K-pop this year? They are not cute. Granted, this hat is better than the two that Youngjae wore in "Coffee Shop", but I still don't like it. You know what I do like? The sweater that he's wearing with that hat. 

Ravi looks like the grandpa that you would see playing chess or feeding the birds at the park in the first picture. He'd be tottering around with his bag of seed and possibly be talking to the birds. Or maybe he would be rapping for the birds. He is not so much a grandpa in the other picture, but what he is wearing does go with the easy, candid feel of the video.

I don't really have anything to say about Hongbin's outfits. They are nice but they don't grab my attention like the others did. More than paying attention to his clothes, I was just happy to see that he was more of a focal point of the video.

For a while, I was almost convinced that Hyuk and Ken were sharing clothes and I still have my doubts about that shirt he's wearing with the tan vest. I noticed that the patterned sweaters were slightly different colors, but they are a little matchy-matchy.

Is the dance super amazing? 

Since this video was all artsy, there wasn't a dance that went along with it. I wonder if there is a dance at all or if it is more of a dramatically sitting type of song? 

Which member owned it? 

This video was really even in both screen time and singing time and that is something that VIXX is just generally really good at. They let all the members of VIXX shine and I love Jellyfish even more for that. Two members that caught me by surprise though were Hongbin and Hyuk. When did they get all mature and stuff? Especially Hyuk! 

It's horrible when the babies start to mature. Especially when they are still jail bate. All these '95 and younger idols. Geez.

I also liked Hongbin. I'm not even Hongbin biased but I loved the parts that he played in this video. VIXX's artwork is growing up too.

Did the English make your ears bleed?

There is no English in this song at all and that makes me a little sad. VIXX has some pretty sweet Engrish sometimes and I kind of miss it here. I don't think that having random English lines would do anything for the song though so it is okay. 

What else is happening?  

Oh Ye Ri "Because of You" - debut song

JIN "Gone" - debut song - I feel as though my heart has been steam rolled. That was so sad.

MR.MR "Do You Feel Me"

Taeyang "RINGA LINGA" - This is a pretty solid return after so long. I do like the dance performance better though, the one shot shoot was cool. I also think that Taeyang was channeling Renji from Bleach with all of those tattoos.

M&N "Tonight" - For some reason the video is only a minute and a half, but full song sounds amazing. BEG are so talented, good gracious.

Davichi "The Letter" - These women can sing! Their songs are always so nice.   

G-Dragon "Who You?" - This song filmed on the fan cams was a great idea. The song is so relaxed sounding and everyone looked like they were having so much fun.

~ Alora

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