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How's the song? 

It a battle of speedy rapping, who would win: TOP or Zelo?

Wow, I totally love this song and I am a little baffled as to why. Along with my complicated love for the macabre, I also have a complicated love for rap music. I can't believe I just wrote that. What has become of me?

Let's start by saying that I don't really like rap music. I need a melody line and that is something that rap doesn't have so I find rap to be rather jarring. That being said, my favorite group is Block B and I also really like BIGBANG, BAP, and BTS, I also like most of GD's solo stuff. But even with my great love for Block B, a few of their songs just aren't my favorite, like the song "No Joke". I do have this song on my iTunes and it's far from my favorite song, but I love their song "Halo" though which is also kind of rap heavy. I also have no desire to listen to Zico, Kyung, or PO's mix tapes. Since this is a YG video I will also say that I totally DID NOT like CL's solo song, like, at all. I also haven't really liked TOP's other solo stuff, but I love this song.

Well, that was a long explanation about nothing.

I think what I really like about this song is all the layered sounds that are in it. You have TOP's rapping on top of the back track, and all the eerie noises that are always present. TOP's voice also seems a little distorted at times which gives the song an even stranger sound. The whole thing just seems like something that shouldn't work, but it most definitely does.

The lyrics of the songs are also cool. It almost seems like an anthem calling people to step up from the place that they are and become more. To find your own individuality and throw away the norm or whatever it is people expect of you. 


How's the video?

This whole video was just so full of crack, but it was different than GD crack. GD's videos are on acid while TOP's video is more of a black and white, slightly classy, acid trip.  

There was just so much going it was hard to take it all in the first time.

It starts out as Space Odyssey

Then we change movies to The Temple of Doom with drunk backwards fire

Then we travel to the Twilight Zone

And then he's all "I'm on a horse....uh.....zebra."

And this all happens in the first minute of the video. What is going on? The icing on the special brownies though is definitely the creepy baby with the Totoro leaf. That whole motorcycle scene was just so incredibly strange I don't even know how to begin to explain it.

Then at the end there was a little Blair Witch Project thrown in for good measure

Along with there being a lot of obvious weirdness, I found that there was quite a bit of subtle weirdness too. With that though, there is always the case of reading into things far more than they should be read into. With the help of the internet I learned a little about Dadaism which involves visual arts and a rejection of normalcy. Yeah, I'd say that this video did that.

There was also this giant deer painting by Kim Hwan Ki who helped pioneer abstract art in Korea.

He also mentions Jean Michel Basquiat who was an abstract painter who attacked and criticized social norms and injustice through his paintings.

Then throughout the entire video there was the battle, I guess you could call it, between TOP and the ape. They seem to be the same person sometimes showing that this ape is trying to become more than he is.

The whole video is definitely a feast for the eyes and ears and there is a lot more that I could look into but for the sake of this post and to not make my self look like the crazy English major I am deep inside, we'll just end here.

How's the styling? 

One word: contacts.

Those contacts along with his wonderfully styled hair makes this whole shot rather fantastic. I just want to look at him forever! I think what really makes the contacts cool though is the black and white film. His eyes totally pop and it's a little freaky, yet awesome. Kind of like this whole video.

Another face prop that TOP uses is the mustache when he is in the forest with the creepy baby.

He is an anteater away from finishing that Salvador Dali costume. If he really is channeling Dali with this costume that would be quite appropriate since Dali was a super eccentric surrealist painter.

Was the dance super amazing? 

TOP doesn't dance, what are you talking about? 

Which member owned it? 

TOP did, or course, even though that ape was making moves to try to be the star of the show. 

Did the English make your ears bleed?  

I didn't realize this until I read the lyrics, but he says "hakuna matata" during his song. Disney for the win? 

What else is happening? 

Things I liked
NORAZO "Wildhorse" - This video is on so much crack, but the song is awesome so that is a definite win/win.

Gummy and Big Brother "Only One" - Gummy's first song with her new company and it's pretty legit. I have never heard any of her other stuff which is probably blasphemous to say, but that's the way it is. Maybe I will look into her now.

Lim Kim "Goodbye 20" - I think that I have fallen in love with this woman. Her voice is fantastic and someday when I have money I will probably buy her songs.

FT Island "Madly" - I'm pretty sure that Hongki sold his soul to the devil to have those amazing pipes. I could listen to him forever. 

A-JAX "Stay With Me" - Well that was adorable.

VIXX "VooDoo Doll" - I have no words. Only a lingering feeling of disgust and awe. That was so good!

2NE1 "Missing You" - I think I'm going to have to listen to this more to really love it, but it's definitely better than the other songs they have put out this year. I'm also not sure how I feel about CL. She's very pretty and her nude scene didn't detract from the video, but I don't feel like it added anything either.

Things that I didn't really like

NC.A "Oh My God" - I would totally be all about this song if not for the whole taking the Lord's name in vain thing......  

Rhythm King "Thinking about You" - It's really smooth and pretty, but it's a ballad so I'm feeling a little meh about it.

Lee Juk "Lie Lie Lie" - Another ballad, so again, meh. It did make me think of John Denver a little though and I do like John Denver every once in a while.

Phantom "New Era" - It's really hard to enjoy a music video where there is a vagina in your face. I only watched the first few seconds and then chose to just listen. If the lyrics are anything like the video it's probably a good thing that I didn't know what was being said.

Blady "Blood Type B Girl" - What the heck type of name is Blady? Is it suppose to be bad lady? This music video looks like a rainbow barfed all over the set.


AlphaBAT "AB City" - debut song - I don't really know how I feel about this. I liked the beginning rap part but it got a little weird with the ABC song. I really don't know how I feel. I'm just confused.

K-Girls "Fly High" - debut song - This six girl group are former Miss Korea contestants, the song is actually pretty good.

100% V "Missing You" - okay, so technically this isn't a debut, but they are a new sub group so this is where I'm putting them. The song is pretty, but we all know how I feel about ballads, so, yeah.

~ Alora

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