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Super Junior Mamacita MV Review

How's the song? 

I would like to begin this post by saying that this might be the best thing that SM has done for Super Junior in a long time. It took me a while to warm up to "Sexy, Free, and Single" and I don't really like "Swing" but I think that this song is awesome. It is has a different than what they have done in the past and I quite like it.

Speaking of "Swing" I have seen some people asking why the E.L.F's are so excited because it's not like Super Junior has been dead for two years. There have been two Super Junior M albums plus the Japanese album that they have done since Sexy, Free, and Single, but you don't understand. Super Junior M is Super Junior M, not Super Junior. Not that I wouldn't be 100% with Zhou Mi and Henry becoming full Super Junior members, but the groups are different. Also, a Japanese album is in Japanese and it wasn't all new things. So, there's a difference, okay? You'll just have to trust me.

Also, this song has reminded me how much I like Super Junior. When other groups I like have comebacks, namely Block B or VIXX, I get really excited and I almost felt bad about my excitement because the little 12 year old part of my mind whispers to me that I am abandoning Super Junior by falling in love with another group. This song has reaffirmed to me though that Super Junior will always be my number one because they brought me into K-pop and I have spent the most time invested in them because they are an older group that has a long resume of TV, movies, and music. That being said, I will be making a few references to old Super Junior things, so brush up on your Super Junior trivia!

Since I already mentioned the song in the Monday album review post, I think that I will end this here and get into the rest of the video!

How's the video? 

Did you notice something different about this video? Yes! They are out of the box! They weren't free the whole time, but they weren't in a box the whole time either! I think that the last time that Super Junior was let out of the oddly lit SM box was for the "No Other" video and was released in 2010. They have been dancing in flashing boxes for four years!

When I first saw the first teaser I was so worried that we would have this funny teaser, but then it would be thrown out the window during the actual production and it wasn't! Sure, the story ends a little abruptly, but hey, there's a story, I'll take it.

The video starts where the teaser leaves off, Leeteuk has escaped from prison and it is up to Sheriff Siwon to save the town from the thief! Side note, why does the sheriff need to read a wanted poster to know that the criminal has escaped prison? Shouldn't the sheriff have been the one to print the poster?

Theif Leeteuk isn't going around without a plan either. He has his sight on Banker Sungmin who is stupidly waving a crown around in broad daylight without a care in the world. Little does he know that Blacksmith Shindong is in league with the thief and whacks Banker Sungmin over the head with his mallet and Thief Leeteuk makes off with the crown.

Shindong is also wearing Heechul's extension from the "Don't Don" video.

Then, poor, poor Banker Sungmin, as he lies unconscious in the dirt, Gambler Kyuhyun comes and picks his pockets. Kyuhyun would.......

This next part doesn't really have anything to do with the story, but man look at Bull Fighter Eunhyuk's flexibility!

Also, why does Donghae so often look like he is five years old?

Back to the story, it turns out that Blacksmith Shindong and Thief Leeteuk aren't the masterminds behind the stealing of the crown, Gambler Kyuhyun is! Why am I not surprised at all? Of course the Evil Maknae is behind the violence and stealing between the members. I mean, he killed Sungmin's girl friend so what is a small attack and theft after that?

It seems like somewhere along the way that Thief Leeteuk didn't want to share the crown though and makes a break for it. Unfortunately, when he is escaping, he runs in to Fruit Seller Kangin and his horrible mullet. Seriously, I know that he is suppose to be a fruit seller, but does that mean that he doesn't own scissors or even has access to any kind of sharp object? Also, when you people saw this:

Who thought of this?

Somewhere between betrayal and destroyed cabbages watermelon, Thief Leeteuk sneaks up on Sheriff and before anyone can do anything, the sheriff has been shot.

Thief Leeteuk goes into the bar and gives the crown to the true master mind of all things, Barman Heechul, also, not surprised. If there is one person who can out evil master mind Kyuhyun, it would be Heechul. Barman Heechul give Thief Leeteuk his money and Thief Leeteuk happily walks out of the bar to this:

I guess that what happens when you betray everyone and destroy their fruit.

The last thing that I want to mention about this video is Ryeowook, he didn't really do anything aside from being adorable but whenever I saw him in his lab coat all I could think of was this:

Such a good movie. And by good I mean the stupidest that I have ever seen. Super Junior did a lot of things after they debuted...............

How's the styling?

Sungmin, can you even see anything?

Someone's hair that I did like was Eunhyuk. He normally has really nice hair though. At the moment I can't think of a hair style that he had that was bad. Well, maybe I take that back, the hair he debuted with wasn't good. I usually put anything they did in debut in a completely different category than everything else. That debut......

Is the dance super amazing?

In the actual music video we didn't see a lot of the dance. I am not complaining though because lack of dance footage means that they weren't in a box set but off doing better things.

First of all, I didn't like this dance as much as I have liked some of their other dances. The dance in the chorus was fun but there wasn't anything that made me stand up and pay attention. That being said, something that I did like about this dance is something that Super Junior always does well: sharpness and movement.

It's probably because Super Junior is such a large group and they have been together so long, they work together really well. I like to see them moving around the stage because it looks so effortless and cool. I also just generally prefer a group whose placings are staggered and they are moving around a lot anyways. So, the dance wasn't terribly amazing, but it was interesting to watch none the less.

Which member owned it? 

As Super Junior has gotten older, SM has done a better job about line and screen time distribution. Like, seriously, Shindong, Kangin, Yesung, and occationally Eunhyuk wouldn't appear in videos, or only briefly. You would hear them, but you wouldn't actually see them. They were the ghostly members of the group.

Eunhyuk has definitely had more screen time in the last few videos though and I am okay with that. Otherwise, I like how this video was filmed and through the dancing and the story we saw a lot of the members doing various things.

Shindong was particularly enjoyable as the blacksmith, mostly because he made faces like this.

Does the English make your ears bleed?

Close your lips, shut your tongue...............

So close SM, so close

~ Alora

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