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Ranking of my favorite Super Junior Albums

Here we go, the last day of my Super Junior posting least for now *dramatic music* I also think I figured out what I want to do for their 10 year anniversary. Excessive? Maybe. Do I care? No. Could it crash and burn as I decide I've made a terrible decision? Yes.

This list, as stated in the title, is going to be about the Super Junior albums rated from least favorite to most favorite. There aren't any albums that I hate, but some albums are definitely better than others. I am also not going to be talking about any sub unit groups, that might be for another list. I also won't be putting in any EP's or singles in this list, it just going to be the seven albums that they have released since their debut. Here we go! 

7. Twins 

This album may be last on the list sound wise, but that album's cover would definitely be number one for design. Look at it in all of its mid 2000s beauty and color. I have also always found it interesting that Kibum is on the cover of the album. Like, he is big and front and center and now he's not even in the group. Also, according to the album cover, Super Junior is a six member group. After watching the debut video though, unless you were really paying attention, they appeared to be a eleven member group because Shindong only got camera time during the beginning when everyone had their ghost faces behind Hangeng. 

The reason that this is last on the list is because to make it simple, it's the first album. It's a fun album but it is also made up of a lot of cover songs and it also lacks diversity. The songs also lack any harmonizing which makes it sound a little empty to me. It was a good debut album but it wasn't life changingly awesome.

Favorite song: Miracle  

6. Sorry Sorry 

This album was released with the idea that it was going to be very different from the past two albums; it was going to be more mature and show the public more of who Super Junior really was. It's a lot slower than the past two and has a more R&B sound and while R&B is okay sometimes, it isn't really my thing.

With the R&B also comes a lot more ballads and that is another reason why this album is not very far up on the list. It is a pretty album and it does show who Super Junior is more than the first two albums, but it was too slow for me. I'm also not the biggest fan of "Club No 1" or the "Heartquake" song that features TVXQ. This may sound blasphemous, but I am just not the biggest fan of TVXQ, past or present. They are very talented, but they are not for me. 

Favorite songs: 앤젤라(Angela), Reset, Monster 

5. Sexy, Free, and Single 

I definitely had to warm up to this album when it first came out. I didn't immediately love "Sexy, Free, and Simple" and for a while I debated on buying just a few songs from the album rather than the whole thing. After a while though I came to accept all the songs and I do enjoy listening to this album now.

There are a lot of different songs on this album than on the previous ones. I felt that there was a little bit more of an electric influence on some of the songs but there was also the R&B, mid-templo, and ballads that Super Junior is so good at. I also really like listening to this album now because Yesung is on it and we aren't going to be getting anything from him for a while. *goes to cry and listen to Daydream*

Favorite songs: Gulliver, Butterfly, Daydream

3. Bonamana 

"Bonamana" hasn't always been my favorite song, but this is an album that I have always really liked. I even like the ballad to end all ballads, Ryeowook's solo "One Fine Spring Day", that's right, I will voluntarily listen to that song. I will even repeat it I like it so much. This album also has one of my favorite side albums songs "No Other", but those songs don't factor into the main album.

I'm not sure what else to say about this album. Something that I will mention about the era itself, there were some interesting styling choices at this time, namely Heechul's mushroom head and Shindong's mustache. This is also when the shirtlessness really took off.

Favorite songs: Shake it up!, One Fine Spring Day, Here We Go

3. Mamacita 

Has Super Junior become to cool to appear on the own albums now? This one and Sexy, Free, and Single have just been words and it makes me a little sad. This album looks cool though with the wild west thing that is going on. Upon first listen, I really liked this album and I wrote a album review on this so, there isn't much to say here. As a warning, I know that I said this would be the last Super Junior post but they came out with a drama version of "Mamacita" and I might have to write about that too.........

Sorry, not sorry.

Favorite songs: Raining Spell for Love, Shirt, Too Many Beautiful Girls 

2. Mr. Simple 

This album has a special place in my heart because I got into Super Junior and K-pop shortly after this album was released. "Mr.Simple" was the K-pop song that sucked me in and never let me go. It was also the "Mr. Simple" video that I watched and tried to learn the members and also learned that memorizing people by hair color is the most useless thing you could ever do in K-pop. I was also really confused after I learned all the people in "Mr. Simple" that there seemed to be more or less people in other videos. Those were dark and painful times.

Favorite songs: 오페라(Opera), Walkin', Sunflower

1. Don't Don 

I have a great love for this album, I could listen to it forever and it's also the longest album sitting at just above an hour in length. It is a shame that this album was the one before Sorry Sorry because even though Super Junior was pretty popular before that album dropped, Don't Don gets a little overshadowed because "Sorry Sorry" is what rocketed Super Junior into stardom. 

Maybe that is good for Super Junior though because life sucked a little surrounding the recording. Donghae's father died, Heechul was in his monster car accident, and then there was the other accident that almost killed Kyuhyun and messed up Leetuek pretty bad.

Favorite songs: Sapphire Blue, Marry U

Side note: I wrote about the Don't Don album before the tragedy surrounding Ladies Code and as soon as I hear about it I immediately though about Super Junior because I figured if there was anyone in the idol community who could relate in any way to Ladies Code, it would be Super Junior. Kyuhyun and Heechul have both posted lovely things to the girls which makes me really happy. Every time I see anyone reaching out to the Ladies Code girls I feel happy because what happened is absolutely horrible. While I am a religious person, I am never one to say "please pray for......" but whether you believe in a god, gods, or nothing at all, they do need your prayers as do all the people that knew and loved them whether that be personally or as a fan. 

~ Alora  

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