Monday, September 22, 2014

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit Drama Review

Well, that drama was just as weird as I had hoped that it would be and then some. My life hasn't changed in any great way, but if I was ever having a bad day, I would turn this on and I know that I would immediately feel better. Even better than all that, this drama makes me feel better about watching Nail Salon Paris last year. Why? Because this drama did everything that drama did wrong right.

Both dramas start out with a crazy plot FGIU: Flower boys turn into grandpas and have to figure out why; NSP: girl dresses up like a boy to work at a flower boy nail salon, also, gumihos. They were also a short one episode a week drama, so far so good. That's where any likeness ends. Right from the beginning I knew that I would like FGIU. It was cute and funny and had a good cast of characters. NSP, while I was excited about the cast, right from the beginning I could feel the pain welling up in my soul. 

I could go on forever about my hatred for NSP, but I won't. The last thing that I will mention is that even though FGIU could have headed for disaster by loosing the story (like NSP) it kept it's story line and didn't try to be something that it wasn't.

One thing that I really liked about this drama is the transition that it made from it's lighthearted beginning to it's more serious end. When watching the last few episodes it finally hit me that the drama was a lot more serious that how it began. I was surprised that the drama had done it so well, mixing the seriousness that came with our climb to the drama's climax from the goofy beginning. Also, even through all the building and darker nature of the drama, it still kept with the silliness that I started watching the drama for.

One of my favorite things that this drama did is when it got a little meta. Heechul from Super Junior was a character and because of that, they got to make two Super Junior jokes. Heechul was accused of being a spy at one point so of course they had to play "SPY" in the background. Before that Heechul apologized for something and of course he broke into the "Sorry Sorry" dance which brought the judgement of everyone in the room upon him.

My other favorite meta moment happened in the last episode. I knew what was about to happen a split second before it began, a girl was choosing between two of our flower boys and she walks up to the "second male lead" who is playing a violin. Do you know what is happening?

"Almost Paradise" then starts playing and Kang Seok even curled what little hair he has on his head. What makes it meta (I think) is that Won Bin starts yelling about ramyun a second later and he was a character in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop it was a pretty great moment.

While we're talking about things happening in relation to other things that have happened look who appears in this drama!

I'm not going to say what role he plays though because that would be giving away stuff. Just know that he appears. Who wants some ramyun?

This drama is a little fantasy, a little cop drama, a little romantic, a lot of laughs, and a little heart thrown in for good measure. This is a great candy drama with flower boys and flower grandpas that help make it that much sweeter.

~ Alora 

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