Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sassy Go Go First Impressions

I don't normally go for the high school dramas, I am more of a rom-com person. I'm not in high school so it can often feel corny and and deals with issues that I don't care about. It's like watching The Little Mermaid when you are older and want to smack Ariel when she says that she is "no longer a child". Does that mean I am getting old?

I will admit that this drama does have the usual cliched story of the girl with bad grades but a golden heart and her posse are butting heads with the top tier group of students in the school and she is will eventually end up with the boy that heads that group. I am really excited to see how the factor the cheer leading angle in though. It seems like such a random story line especially with  how dark episode two got. Hopefully the shenanigans that are going to have to happen with learning how to cheer lead will lighten the mood.

Speaking of episode two, I am not ashamed to say that I cried. Since I am currently working in a Korean school I see the stress that my students are under. They hate it and they want to do fun things but it just isn't in the Korean psyche to allow children to act like children. In the second episode Ji Soo's character Ha Joon looks upon Eun Ji's dance team Real Kings with disdain as they have fun to which Lee Won Geun's character Yeol says wistfully "they are acting like actual 18 year olds".

These students aren't treated like students they are treated like machines and while this is an extreme version of an elite school you know that things like this are happening all over the country because these kids are pushed this hard by their parents and teachers.

I don't know if it will make a difference, but I hope that people can watch this drama and others like Angry Mom and realize that they are works of fiction, but they also have truth and that changes need to be made so the things that we see happen in these stories can be stopped.

Let's try to lighten the mood now by talking about all those characters I just mentioned. I have never seen Eun Ji act before but she is really good. She has been able to bring a lot emotion to her character of Yeon Doo thus far and her chemistry with Lee Won Geun is great. I will admit that I was sad that Ji Soo wasn't the lead in this drama but his character here seems to be a lot like his previous character Bok Dong so I'm interested to see where that goes.

The last person I'll mention is N. He's done a few things that I have never seen, but thus far I have liked his character. He has definitely got the deadpan down quite well but I would like to see him do a little bit more. I am also waiting for him to bust a move and surprise everyone because "no one knows he can dance" and blah blah blah. I mean, that has to happen right? N is a dancer and this is a drama about cheer leading high school students.

I am glad that I decided to watch this drama and I hope that it doesn't let me down! Please let everyone be able to be friends and do cartwheels and back flips into the sunset!

~ Alora

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