Sunday, September 20, 2015

She Was Pretty First Impressions

I like it! More please!

I was surprised to see Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Jin working together so soon after Kill me, Heal Me and especially as romantic leads but they are both good actors and they are definitely showing those skills in what I have seen so far in the drama.

I have also been nicely surprised about the theme of the drama. This could easily be a simple funny drama about a guy that grew up handsome and a girl that grew up comely and the random shenanigans they they get into, but the writers are going deeper. They are showing that a person's looks does not determines the worth of a person. It's a good message and it is also something that people all over the world and maybe specifically Korea should listen to.

The relationship that Hye Jin and Sung Joon also has me wondering about Jung Joon's "real life persona". At work he is about efficiency and making sure that everything goes well in his three month time frame. I understand that he is the boss and that things need to get done but he has said a few things to Hye Jin and are not okay. He is being a jerk and I would like to think that he wouldn't pick on the "ugly one" when he is not at the office.

I also wonder about what would happen if Hye Jin hadn't panicked and sent Ha Ri in her place to meet Sung Joon. When she thought that Sung Joon was a large man with glasses she was completely confident because she wasn't "pretty" either. They both played off their memories which it what made Hye Jin think less of herself and that is a sad thing. Had they really met though, I don't think that Sung Joon would have shunned her though. He really likes her and if he has any shred of decency he would like her for her as she did when they were children.

I am also really enjoying Hye Jin's character because she is awkward and a little dim at work - but she also doesn't really know what her job is - but she also has the desire to be her best. She knows that the world is cruel to people who aren't "smart" and "pretty" but she is smart and independent. I am excited for the moment that Sung Joon is able to see this about her and I hope it happens before he finds out that she is actually the true Kin Hye Jin. She totally has the ability to do that to, she just has to get over her own insecurities and hesitations about what was and start to show that just because things didn't go as planned doesn't mean they have to stay that way.

~ Alora

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