Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Super Junior Magic MV and Album Review

I'm seeing a pattern in my actions. Something comes out that I am interested in and I decide "Okay! This is my moment to start blogging again!" Then I get all pumped up and nothing comes from it. Hopefully the third time is the charm though. I am finding that recently I have started to fall into a funk and I think that it is because I don't have very many creative outlets here in Korea. I don't have a piano, I can't make dolls, and there isn't a pool that I can get to easily. I have loved living in Korea but I think that I will be glad to go back to the states when the the times comes.

All that being said, this blog I'm realizing is the easiest way to be creative that I have at the moment and even now as I write down my thoughts I am already feeling better about life. I guess that means I should start writing about things again!

And what better way to start writing than to write about my all time favorite K-pop group! I am so sad that this is going to be the last song that we are going to get from these boys for such an extended period of time since everyone is off to the military in the coming months. Whatever they do when everyone comes back better be the most majestic thing that has ever happened.

I was a little unprepared for this song because I figured that with the release of "Devil" that would be all that go because it was a special album; so this was a nice surprise. I also like the direction that Super Junior has been going with their sound since "Mamacita". Don't get me wrong "Mr. Simple" is one of my favorite title songs but as of late, Super Junior's sound has become more big band sounding and I have been loving it.

This song also was different than past songs in the sense that the unity that Super Junior usually brings to their songs was cut down a bit. They were still signing together in the chorus, but in the verses there was a lot more solo time which was nice for their last song. It allowed each member to bring their own colors to their lines and there is a lot of color in Super Junior.

I especially liked Heechul's rap and not just because I have a great love for Heechul. It was a little on the corny side but I loved the rhyming of "mysterious" and "delirious" and "magic" and "ecstatic". It fit Heechul well. Further talking about the song, I like what they did at the end when they were having a lightening round of singers when one would sing a line and then pass it along and pass it along.

The easy and fun nature of the song was also reflected really well in the music video. You could see the real joy in Super Junior's faces as they were being their goofy selves and "making baskets" in the most ridiculous way possible.

Kyuhyun was also totally feeling himself at this point. I was so surprised to see him do this because I know that he can match weird for weird but he sometimes seems so serious next to some of the other members.

Album Review

That album cover though. Am I suppose to know what those circles represent? Are they suppose to represent anything? If SM didn't want to put any effort into the album cover I think that they should have just done the plain blue and kept the "Magic" down at the bottom and stopped there. It would have been meaningful because of the fandom color and it would look clean. Come on SM. At least pretend to care about things.

Anyways, in the repackaging, there are four new songs, the first one being Magic which I have already stated that I love.

The next song is 놈,놈,놈 (You Got It) which is a really smooth R&B rap centered song courtesy of Eunhyuk, Heechul, and Leeteuk with a few chorus vocals by Donghae and a bridge by Yesung. I do have to say that they lost me for a second with that bit of chanting after the bridge but luckily that didn't last very long.

Dorothy slows us way, way down with the help of Super Junior K.R.Y and may I just say, dang those guys can sing! The lyrics to this song are actually quite beautiful and draw a lot of connections to Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz. They pine for a woman who has left and the man asking her to come back before her newer greater memories tarnish the quite that they used to have. We're suppose to get a full album before Kyuhyun and Ryeowook go to army right? RIGHT?!

And last but not least is Sarang which is a song by Leeteuk and Heechul so I feel like I already liked this song before I even heard it. I just expected it to be awesome and I must say that I wasn't disappointed. Even without knowing what is being said, this song just makes me feel happy and like everything is going to be okay. I will be able to survive the next 3 or so years without any music coming from Super Junior!

And thus we come to the end and I am feeling a lot of emotions right now. I said this about the Devil album but I'm going to say it again since there is a new album: I will be holding this tightly to my heart until everyone is back together again. I feel good about how we are getting sent off (album art aside) and I hope that the next few years can go by quickly!

~ Alora

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