Monday, August 17, 2015

VIXX LR Beautiful Liar MV and Album Review

I know that this MV is suppose to tell this beautiful story about a man that is leaving his girlfriend because of Reasons and his inner self rebelling, but I could not take this video seriously and because of that I feel like my first listen of the song is tainted. What I view has a lot of do with how I feel about a video. I have watched a MV and liked the song but when I go to buy and listen to the short clip I realize that I didn't like the song as much as I liked the song AND the video.

This song is not totally my cup of tea just because it is a little slow for me, but I find it to be far more enjoyable when I am not watching that extremely odd video; because let's be honest on the surface this video is about Ravi being mad about a girl coming between him and Leo and then going all "if I can't have you no one will" and trying to kill everyone and then slinking off into the shadows.

Throughout the whole video (especially at the end) there is just so much touching and long stares into the other's eyes that I was holding back so much laughter because I first watched it at work. I mean seriously, Ravi needs to go take a remedial course in personal space because I think he missed all the normal classes when he was going to school

Then because it wasn't already a little weird the director decided that the video needed a little modern dance on the beach because why not? And Ravi also needed to be shirtless because of Reasons.

But then the video ended with this shot which it okay with me. Hey, Leo. Hey!

I also had to laugh at Ravi rapping at Leo during the beginning because of the way that Leo was looking at Ravi. I mean, I would be giving people that look too if they were all up in my face when I was trying to play the piano. I am having me time right now if you don't mind!

Ridiculous video aside, the song itself is actually quite pretty. I like the choice of Ravi and Leo together in a group because they do have such different sounds with Ravi being a powerful rapper and Leo having a soft melodic voice. I especially liked the moments when they would sing together.

I also really liked softness of the bridge and how Ravi lead into the bridge before Leo took over. I have a weakness for rappers that sing because their vocal tones are often quite different from the singers of the group. Then, if the rapper is a particularly good singer it is like a special treat any time that you do get to hear them sing.

As for the rest of the album.......

The second song on the album is Remember which was composed and written by Ravi. This song has an easy R&B flow which lets both boys showcase where their talents lie. Ravi is able to deliver fast raps in the versus and then Leo takes over the chorus and smooths everything out and this trade off continues for the whole song which creates a great moving sound from start to finish. 

Leo takes control in Words to Say which is his solo track that he was able to compose and write himself. As soon as the piano starts this song immediately makes me think of something from an anime soundtrack. If there is a way that I could get my hands on this sheet music I want to know because I want it!

Now it's Ravi's turn to go solo with his self written track Ghost. Where Leo's song is melodic and flowing Ravi's song is a "man's" song (if you will) and comes and kicks dirt in the previous sissy baby songs eyes. I don't usually go for rap songs, but I actually really like this. It's powerful and in your face, but it's not overbearing which is nice.  

Seriously, so much touching 

My Light definitely threw me for a loop because all the members of VIXX are in this song. Leo was singing and then suddenly N was there and my brain couldn't process that. It was trying to turn N into Leo until I realized that this actually was a group song. This song's mixing actually reminded me a little of Love Equation with that light synth noise and just overall good feeling. It is a fun and unexpected way to end a pretty good album. 

For VIXX's first subunit and for this album to be completely composed by Ravi and Leo, I would say that they did a pretty good job. I wasn't totally wowed and rolled over by the majesty of it all but it was a good album and VIXX is a group that is full of talent and they are just going to continue to grow. I am interested to know if there are any more subunits in VIXX's future! 

~ Alora 

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