Wednesday, January 15, 2014

B1A4 Lonely

How's the song? 

Before talking about just this song, I want to say how much I enjoy this whole album. It's really cohesive and the fact that Jinyoung, CNU, and Baro basically wrote/arranged/composed everything makes it even cooler.
If I was to categorize B1A4's songs, this one would match up with "Tried to Walk". It's not that the songs sound like each other or anything so much as the feel that you get from them. Both songs are mid tempo and just make you feel good.

Something that I tried to pay more attention to in this song is Baro parts. The reason is that I think I have been taking him for granted. I know that he is talented but I've never thought of him as this really amazing rapper and that is probably because he is in B1A4. Maybe someone knows what I mean by that because that's the only way I can think to describe it. I know that he can rap, but when thinking about rappers, my mind doesn't immediately jump to him.

But recently SBS had their Gayo Dejun and Baro was part of this giant thing with MFBTY, Bang Yong Guk, Zico, Rap Monster, and Eun Ji Won and I was watching thinking, "Princess Squirrel, why have I never seen this side of you before?" I have learned my lesson.  

How's the video? 

I am Zuul. I am the Gate Keeper. Are you the Key Master?

Jinyoung and his girlfriend should probably get their house checked out, that gravity problem they seem to be having could be dangerous.

How's the styling? 

Whenever I see face shots of  Jinyoung, I always think, "and this is why you played Gong Gil in The King and the Clown." That boy is a little too pretty.

With the exception of Taeyang, CNU probably has some of the most static hair in all of K-pop. The most drastic transformation that he ever had was for "Baby I'm Sorry" with the shaved side, but his hair never really changes except for slight length and color variations. 

I wonder if they will ever chop his hair off, but I feel like the fandom might explode if that happens. I'm pretty sure that his hair is magic.

He also needs the hair because he is secretly a rock star. Get it CNU. Get it.

Is the dance super amazing? 

B1A4 got their Motown on in this video what with their 1-2-steping and pointing.

Even though really intense dances an acrobatics are cool, it is nice to see a group that doesn't do those things. It makes them different and being different is important when you are trying to gain people's attention.

Which member owned it? 

Little maknae Gongchan is growing up *wipes tear*. With the maknaes of groups, I feel like one day they are this cute little thing and then all of a sudden they're grown up and turning women everywhere into pedonoonas. Not that Gongchan isn't still adorable, but he is maturing.

Did the English make you ears bleed?  

Yes and no. The important parts of the song sound good. "Lonely" and the "lalala" parts sound good and they use a whole sentence "Baby, I just wanna spend some time with you" and it is all good. It's actually amazing considering this is B1A4 we're talking about.

It's all the little things in the song that are weird. Sandeul says "Every day, every say" which doesn't make any sense. Gongchan also has some English which is bolded "My memories scatter like smoke, you're right girl, it hurts a lot, sick my heart." You're getting there B1A4, keep working.

~ Alora 

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